ROI in the first 90 days?

With software alone, it's impossible (we've tried). You need a partner that becomes a true part of your team. Sure, other vendors talk about "Customer Success", and they measure it based on users logging in or how fast they answer tickets.

At Statflo, we're different.

We obsessed the last 5 years on driving revenue impact, such as (1) going from 25% retention to 70% in 6 months, (2) getting ROI within the first 30 days, or (3) getting 20 extra transactions per store.

"Success" to us means our customers are having their best year ever. 

Our Sales Acceleration Team doesn't take anything for granted, leveraging decades of experience to deliver value, such as pre-launch planning, change management, in-person ILT training, video content, virtual coaching, incentive ideas and campaign design.

We'll get on a flight to help you hit your numbers.
We'll ask the tough questions.
We get our hands dirty.
ROI is everything.

Our Retail Success Team is key to making your adoption of Statflo a great experience so you can hit your revenue and engagement goals.

Janielle Loken, Director of Product, Statflo

Statflo’s Retail Success Team is amazing. The team is responsive, helpful and willing to incorporate our feedback to help make the platform even better.

Jeff Cruickshank, COO, Tom Harris
Largest TELUS Dealer in Canada