Making retailers better than they've ever been.

It means a better customer experience, better people, better relationships and a better bottom line, where store traffic is not just analyzed but proactively increased.
Statflo is the sales acceleration platform for retail, one that drives more transactions by creating the best 1:1 customer journey.
We're starting with the wireless buying experience but our vision is much bigger: to build the ROI engine for the world.
Our founders have been in sales and marketing for 25 years, applying the lessons learned from their grandfather (who spent six decades as a signpainter). For 10 years, they built tools that enabled businesses to communicate with customers via SMS, but quickly learned how humans could screw it up.
When Statflo was created in 2012, we set out to create a new type of company that addressed the pains we saw trying to prove impact of campaigns and marketing programs.
Today, we specialize in working with telecom carriers and large technology retailers around the world to create a buying experience that turns every retail rep into a trusted advisor. We generate amazing results by delivering the full package: software, intelligence, data-driven training and reporting to prove ROI. Once we execute in this vertical, we have plans for the next ones.
Statflo is a venture-backed growth company whose investors include Round 13 Capital, Extreme Venture Partners, Globalive Capital, MaRS IAF, Rising Tide Fund, Hedgewood, Garage Capital and a number of strategic angels.

"What kind of company is Statflo?"

Being driven means staying the leader in providing sales acceleration tools for tomorrow's retailers. It means knowing what the market wants, years before they know it themselves. And doing our homework. Drive is what we look for, and it's how we operate, hire and engage with customers, partners and stakeholders.

Like onions, we've got layers too. Here are some values that run deep within us.


We deal with our customers as if we were an owner, with a vested interest in their success. When we see fires, we work quickly to put them out. When starting a new partnership, we define goals together and make sure we do what we say like a good owner would.

Integrity & Respect

Retailers today rely on us to handle their 3 biggest assets: (1) accessing and managing sensitive data (2) supporting and training their staff (3) their customer relationships. This means handling each with extreme care, and not building things that could damage any of these 3. This means we take time to thinks through and operate with openness and honesty at all times.

Spirited Teamwork

No one is a boss, but everyone acts like a leader. Living in a mobile, wireless world should be pure joy. And it's how we work. We've enjoyed every step of our journey and that positivity and hope is infused into every part of Statflo. We run our company without sentimentality, re-inventing as needed to break down barriers as they appear. It ensures we move fast, and keeps it that way.

Proudly backed by over a dozen investors, including:

Extreme Venture Partners
Round 13 Capital
Rising Tide Fund

We’re here, and we’re moving forward. Fast.

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